Aquatrend, LLC.

Aquatrend, LLC.

Aquatrend Water Workout Station Testimony


Milton Velinsky for his vision in creating such a dynamic piece of equipment to increase health and wellness in the water!

Aquatrend Water Workout Station User Quotes

"The Aquatrend Water Workout Stations gives our members an exiting new way to workout and achieve results! Our members are surprised by the versatility and over- all feeling of 'working out' when they begin using the Station. The Station provides an excellent way to teach the importance of core stability and come away with a better understanding of how body mechanics work while they exercise. Strength. Endurance and Flexibility gains are experienced by all who have dedicated a few days a week to the Station. The station adds variety for those dedicated water fitness enthusiasts!"

From a Harvard Orthopaedic Surgeon

The single most important advance in the field of aquatic therapy and fitness is the use of a Water Workout Station. Recently, water fitness and rehabilitation have been proven to speed recovery and to improve strength and endurance over that of land training, shortens rehab, shortens the time to fitness and realize savings for the healthcare dollar.

Rheumatology Vol 44

Pool exercisers showed significant improvements in shoulders, legs, and grip force, have more energy and less fatigue.

From an M.D. Treating Neuromuscular Disorders

Patients like the Aquatrend Water Workout Station because they can stop and rest simply by lowering the seat. They also like the stability and safety of the multiple hand grips....helps overcome any fear of the water.

From a Physical Therapist in Australia

Total joint replacement patients are able to use the Aquatrend Water Workout Station to improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, stability, balance, and proprioception.

From a College Professor

As a victim of both post-polio syndrome and chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, the Aquatrend provides opportunities unique in the exercise field

From an Aquatics Professional

It is the best in our industry. It helped me lose 40 lbs and increase strength.

From a Physical Therapist in the U.S.

I have treated a lot of people in the hydrotherapy pool and having this equipment makes my life a lot easier.

From a Psychotherapist

The resulting core wave motion is very healing at the physical and emotional levels. The Aquatrend Water Workout's a better and safer, simpler, cooler, smarter, faster and more comfortable way to get fit and stay fit.