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Aquatrend, LLC.

Aquatrend, LLC.

Aquatrend, LLC. manufactures and sells aquatic exercise, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy equipment. It is head quartered in West Palm Beach, Florida and traces its existence to 1994, when it was formed as Aquatic Trends, Inc.

Aquatrend's current product, the Aquatrend Water Workout Station, has been installed in approximately 1,000 locations.
Representative locations include the Jupiter Medical Center (Jupiter,FL.), Canyon Ranch (Tucson, AZ.), private residences, health clubs, and condominiums, cooperatives, apartment complexes and hotels.

The Aquatrend Water Workout Station enjoys:

  • Trademark Protection
  • U.S. Patent Protection through 2017

Aquatrend, LLC. plans to expand its product line to eventually offer a complete range of aquatic exercise equipment.

President Bill Clinton, in a letter dated August 23, 2006, talked about Aquatrend, and said ... "Exercising regularly is critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding obesity, and I commend you for developing Aquatrend which produces an enjoyable way to improve your cardiovascular health."

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